I have a love/hate relationship with the term Virtual Assistant

by | Jun 29, 2020

Virtual Assistant. It’s a quick term to identify an offshore, very inexpensive worker that can help with the workload of a business. It’s a universal term. I use the term so it’s easy to know what we do. 

I prefer the term Remote Team Member

I think the term Virtual Assistant diminishes the true value the person can bring your business. The term Virtual Assistant de-personalizes the person behind the title of Virtual Assistant (VA). The person can be thought of as a commodity and a low price one at that. By commoditizing them at a low price point, they become expendable.

What I’ve found with all of the VA’s I’ve worked with, particularly in the Philippines, is that they are much more capable and valuable than an expendable commodity

They are hard working, English speaking, loyal, and eager to add value. Most have often had varied results with online US based work. They have had good and longer term gigs, but they have also been ghosted by US based businesses. Treated as a disposable commodity. From the perspective of the company it might have been an experiment, so inexpensive it could be easily abandoned. From the perspective of the VA who was ghosted it can be confusing and even hurtful. They are real people, with real families and expenses. Our virtual assistants are not minimum wage employees. Most have a bachelors degree, many have a Masters Degree. They have specialty areas of focus, and have strong work history both in their country and doing online work for US based companies. 

I’ve set up Peak Solutions Team differently than a typical VA Company

Our team isn’t made up commodities. We are made up of people who care about the work they do and the businesses they support. We hire all of our VA’s based on relationship and longevity.  I find clients who want meaningful help at an inexpensive price point. Our clients struggle to find high level employees at a lower price point locally. They typically have a great core staff, who are overworked and need help. We bridge that gap by connecting them with our high quality VA team. 

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