The team

Sarah Pearson


Sarah Pearson is the Founder and CEO of Peak Solutions Team. With more than 14 years’ experience managing teams for larger companies, she’s made it her career to lead people toward purpose driven results. From her role as VP of Purchasing to COO of Voyager Pacific Capital, Sarah uses her expertise to guide businesses to success. She is an expert in strategy execution and system implementation and thrives in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment. Sarah holds a BA in Education from Western Oregon University.

Ana Marie Mozo

Director of Remote Teams

Ana Marie Mozo is the Director of Remote Teams. Operating out of the Philippines, she has more than 15 years’ experience as an Administrative Professional. She holds a BA in Business Administration with a focus in Management Accounting. She is proficient in: computer encoding, Ayanova Service Management, QuickBooks Accounting Software, CRM systems, and is a Certified Internal Quality Auditor with Google Ads Certifications in Shopping, Display, Video and Search. From inventory tracking to logistics management, Ana has a vast knowledge of the daily tasks it takes to run a business.


I started Peak Solutions Team with one goal in mind. To help small business owners reclaim their life while still doing what they love. As a small business owner myself, I’ve made it my business to help you run yours. I want to save you time and money while increasing your revenue with more efficient systems.

I’ve worked with and for a variety of small business owners over the years. And no matter the industry, there’s always one thing they have in common. They all hold their business close to their heart. So close, in fact, they struggle to let anyone in to help. I get it. It’s your baby. That thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. That thing you’ve poured hours of your life into, sometimes with very little return. Maybe you started it with a vision in mind. Maybe it grew organically until you had to make a choice. No matter the reason, your business is growing. And if you’re reading this, you likely realize you can’t do it alone anymore.

But delegating is hard. Letting go of the reigns and trusting someone else is hard. I’m not here to take over. I’m not even here to tell you how to be better at what you’re already doing so well. I’m here to ease the stress of wearing so many hats. I’m here to lessen the burden that often comes with being the boss.

Simply put, I’m an operations expert. I run businesses. And I know how to build teams that can help you run yours. In today’s digital world, Virtual Teams are a game changer for any small business looking to grow. Affordable, dependable, and eager to help. It’s a model that I stand behind.

Peak Solutions Team is more than a virtual team company. We’re more than an outsourcing company. We’re a small business, just like yours. And we know what it takes to help you run the business you’ve always dreamed of.




There are a lot of Virtual Assistant companies out there. So what makes us unique? For one, we operate out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we are the west coast leader in virtual staffing. This means that companies up and down the west coast are keeping it local by supporting our company. And in turn our company is supporting them. This equals a win-win for west coast economies.


But that’s not the biggest difference. The biggest difference is, we’re a small business, just like yours. We don’t have a warehouse full of team members ready to “take your call.” In fact, we don’t even offer call center services. No, we focus more on the personal side of business. We’re in the business of building trusted teams you can work with. This can be on a long-term basis or for a one-time project. The goal is to build a relationship you can count on. We’re real people helping real businesses. And when you work with Peak Solutions Team, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that your dollar is supporting both the west coast economy as well as the Philippines, as most of our Virtual Teams reside there.

Why the Philippines?

Besides being one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Philippines offers a nation full of college educated, highly qualified candidates eager to work for your company. Did you know the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world? That’s right, English speaking and college educated. So why are they looking for jobs in the US? Simply put, they lack the opportunities in their home country to put their skills to use. Rather than move away, many Filipinos turn to the Business Processing Outsourcing industry. This has become the perfect relationship between US businesses and the Philippines economy. Highly trained Filipinos are given the opportunities they deserve, thus boosting their economy, while US based businesses are given qualified workers for a fraction of the cost. A win-win in every sense of the word.

Lets talk about saving you time, money and frustration in staffing your business