Q. How do you account for different time zones?

Our time zones are customizable. Our Virtual Teams work on 24 hour work cycles. Meaning when you delegate a task at the end of your business day, you’ll get that task back and completed by the start of your next day. Talk about fast turnaround.

Q. Will I be given my own dedicated Virtual Assistant or will it be a different one every time?

You will be assigned one dedicated Virtual Assistant. Should you add a new task or tasks, you may see additions to your team. But rest assured, you’ll build a consistent working relationship with your original VA.

Q. Will I be assigned one Virtual Assistant or a team of professionals?

This depends on the task or deadline assigned. We’ll always recommend the right Virtual Assistant or team to get your tasks done on time.

Q. Will I receive updates on tasks completed?


Q. How do I contact my Virtual Assistant?

The primary forms of communication are email or through a Project Management System. We do offer video check-ins as often as you like if face-to-face is more your thing.

Q. My company already has a Project Management System. Can my Virtual Assistant use ours or do we have to use the one provided by Peak Solutions?

Your VA can plug into any project management system that your company is currently using. If you don’t have one, you’re welcome to use ours. Communication of tasks completed is our top priority.

Q. I’m not happy with my Virtual Assistant. Can I pick someone else?

Client satisfaction is super important to us. While we stand by our commitment to only hiring qualified rock stars to represent our company, we understand personalities need to fit. Simply let us know and we’ll connect you with the right team member for your company.

Q. Will my Virtual Assistant be an employee on my payroll?

Nope. You will receive an invoice directly from Peak Solutions Team, LLC, a US based company. We’ll handle the payroll of your team members. So no need to worry about payroll, international payroll, or sending money overseas. It’s that easy.

Q. Where will my Virtual Assistant be located?

All of our VAs are located in the Philippines, in the Davao City area.

Q. Do you have any US based Virtual Assistants?

No. While we love US workers, our mission is to provide better opportunities to highly educated, skilled workers in the beautiful Philippines islands.

Q. I like to know who I’m working with. Can we arrange for a face-to-face meeting?

Of course! Skype video calls are always available and a great way to connect with your VA.

Q. Can my Virtual Assistant come work on-site in my office sometimes?

No. That would kind of defeat the purpose of the cost savings of a Virtual worker wouldn’t it? As most of our team members operate out of the Philippines, in-person meetings would be too cost prohibitive.

Q. Can I request a weekly meeting with my VA?


Q. Will my Philippine based Virtual Assistant speak clear English for my customers?

All of our VA’s speak great English. In fact, the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. 

Q. How much experience will my Virtual Assistant have?

Our Virtual Assistants have experience coming out of their ears. Seriously, it’s quite impressive. Don’t believe us, check out their bio’s in the ABOUT section.

Q. I’m a small business and don’t trust just anyone to do my tasks. How can you ensure I will get the quality I need to feel comfortable delegating?

We get it. Letting go is hard. We work with a lot of small business owners who struggle to delegate even the smallest tasks. But we’re also operation experts, and we’re here to help put your mind at ease. We’ll walk you through the process one step at a time until you’re comfortable and confident in our ability to complete those tasks with the same standards as if you’re doing them yourself.

Q. Can I train my Virtual Assistant in my specific business processes?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it.

Q. I don’t have a lot of time to spare. Do I have to train my Virtual Assistant?

Nope. We’ll take care of the details, you just supply the tasks. We’ll even help develop your training materials should you need it in the future.

Q. How will my Virtual Assistant know how to do the tasks for my specific business?

Training is the fastest way to get your VA integrated into your company. But like we said above, we’re happy to work out the details.

Q. What should I expect for turnaround times?

While this depends on the complexity of the task, we strive for maximum efficiency and hitting those deadlines. For most tasks, expect a 12 – 24 hour turnaround time.

Q. How long should I expect to wait for an email response from my Virtual Assistant?

Average is 6 – 8 hours. When on opposite time zones, it may take as long as 12 hours for a response. But in those magic hours when our day/night hours align, expect instant email response. Trust you’ll always hear from your VA as soon as they see the message.

Q. Are contracts on a project or monthly basis?

We offer contracts on both project and monthly basis depending on your company’s need.

Q. I don’t need this service anymore. How do I cancel?

We require a 30-day notification to cancel your agreement.

Q. I only have a small task that I need help with. Do you have a project minimum?

No task is too small! In fact, small projects are the best way to sample if working with a Virtual Team is right for you.