by | Mar 25, 2021


What’s in a name?

If you ask William Shakespeare, perhaps not much. If you ask me, it’s critical. At Peak Solutions we are here to offer solutions to your challenges. When you hire a Virtual Assistant with us, they are here to assist you. It’s in the name. And above all, it means one thing – your experience with us should be HELPFUL.


Time is money.

We know you want to get the most bang for your buck. You are financially savvy and always looking for ways to increase your efficiency.  Offload some of your workload to us and we will shoulder this for you in the most cost effective way.


Show Me the Money!

Our rates are all under the proposed updated federal minimum wage. You literally can’t get the same quality of manpower in the U.S. for that price. Our Virtual Assistants are hard working, English speaking, loyal, capable members of your staff that can add immediate value for a fraction of the cost of hiring domestically. Most of our Virtual Assistants have a Bachelor’s degree – some even a Master’s!

We are helpful to the VA Team we are building. Online workers overseas are missing longevity. Too much of their online work comes and goes. They aren’t getting the respect they deserve and the commitment of a good long term working relationship. When a VA comes onto our Peak team, the first thing we confirm is their commitment to a long term position. Even if our clients end their relationship with us, that VA will stay on the Peak team. We are committed to providing work opportunities to them even if it means via multiple clients.

Our VAs reciprocate that loyalty. They can depend on their income and know they will have steady, reliable work. They are not disposable commodities and in having that value-add, they are committed to continuing their relationship with us.

I knew within 30 days of hiring my first VA that there was an untapped business opportunity. I saw how skilled they were, how good their English was, how hard they worked, and how helpful they were. They were so helpful to that company, who was struggling to find good US people, they became and still are a critical part of that company’s operations. I knew if I could create a business (Peak Solutions Team) that could bridge the gap between those online workers and good clients, there was real value for everyone.

Need some real help in your business? We will take care of you. Contact us today.