Dilemmas of Hiring Virtual Assistants on Your Own

by | Jun 29, 2020

Have you heard your business friends bragging about their super cheap online overseas workers on unbelievably low hourly rates? Did you try hiring virtual assistants from countries like the Philippines through an online job platform hoping for great help at an amazing price? 

If you did, you probably:

  • Got overwhelmed by the number of responses your job post received
  • Spent too much time trying to identify the best approach for screening the candidates as it may not follow your traditional hiring process
  • Had this process suck too much time from your day than you originally anticipated and still may have not felt confident at the end of the process

Of the businesses who were able to make it through the hiring process, I find they often struggle with how to onboard a VA. The person starts, but it was bumpy because you weren’t sure how to train them. Then did you go back and forth and never got the first tasks to really work? Worried the first time you tried to pay them?

You tried, failed, and gave up because the first person didn’t work out

Don’t lose hope! Peak Solutions Team can help. Finding the right person for your business and giving you guidance and support with the best training methods are our goals. No need to worry about sending money overseas. You’ll simply get an invoice once a month from a US-based business. 

We are the experts in finding, interviewing, and hiring inexpensive virtual assistants from the Philippines for your business. You don’t have to waste your important time trying to figure it out. You focus on your core business and what makes you money. You should be spending your time working on your business and we’ll spend our time providing you with high-quality, low-cost team members to work in your business.

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